Zenfolio Review

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PROS / In addition to hosting your photos, Zenfolio allows you to create a website, complete with music soundtracks for your images.

CONS / They do not offer the ability to create digital scrapbooks.

VERDICT / This service is best for those who are searching for the ability to create a webpage of their photos.

Zenfolio online image hosting service not only allows you to store your images using their website, they also allow you to create a professional-looking website to show off your photographs. This image hosting service also offers you a website where you can create an online gallery of your photos. Additionally, using this image hosting service you can add different lighting effects to your photos to produce striking images. These are just some of the reasons that Zenfolio has earned our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award.

Appeal & Flexibility

Zenfolio offers a wide variety of plans and services so they can best fit the needs of their customers. Their Basic plan offers enough features that you will be able to upload and store your images in a safe location. You can also create slideshows and websites with this package. When you get up to the Premium Business plan, you will have the ability to actually sell your own photos. You will have the opportunity to set minimum order amounts on your prints and have access to provide customer refunds if necessary. There are also several plans between these two plans that will offer you a bit of flexibility while still offering you what you need in an image hosting service.

Ease in Uploading

When you log into Zenfolio for the first time you will see a welcome message. This message walks you through uploading your first gallery. Uploading is made simple with the use of a wizard that will take you through all of the steps in getting your photos online. During your uploading procedure, you will be asked to give your gallery a name and a caption. This is also the time when you can choose if you would like your gallery to be made public or kept private. Actually uploading your photos is the easy part. You simply have to select the photos you want to add to your gallery and drag them over to the Zenfolio screen where they will be uploaded. Once your upload is complete you have the opportunity to create something great with your photographs to show them off.

Multimedia Features

The multimedia features that Zenfolio offers are among some of the best in the business. Once you have uploaded your photos to your gallery, you have the opportunity to make them really stand out. You can create an online guestbook filled with your photos. What makes this feature stand out is that you can choose different backgrounds for your online photo book. When your visitors view your guestbook, you have the option of allowing them to comment on your photos. Additionally, the front page of your guestbook offers an about link and a contact link so that people can read about the person behind the camera lens.

Prints and Additional Product Options

When you choose to order prints from Zenfolio you have your choice of five different labs that will complete your order. These different labs also offer you the ability to order photo-specific products from them. The gifts offered range from simple prints to very unique gifts. If you are searching for a great gift for that young soccer player in your life, you can have a statue of him made out of a picture that you send in. Additionally, you can order wall clings out of your photos, holiday ornaments, pins and much more.

Ease of Use

We found Zenfolio online image hosting to be rather easy to use. However, there were a few times when we had to hunt for certain simple features such as how to create a guestbook. Using the online help center provided all of the answers we needed quickly. Because this image hosting service also uses a drag-and-drop method for uploading photos you will not have to spend time learning a new procedure in order to get your photos online.


Help & Support

This online image hosting service provides easy-to-use help material. They offer an online help center where you can type a question into the search box and the answer will come up. Additionally, in the help center you will find online documents and training videos, and you can also schedule an online training with a Zenfolio staff member. We would like to see them keep up their trend of offering great support by adding a user forum where you can ask and answer questions and communicate with other users.


Zenfolio online image hosting service provides a great list of features that will allow the beginning photographer to get prints online and be noticed. They also offer pro packages for those who have been creating digital photos for a while and are looking to sell their images to the public. This image hosting company could use a few more help and support options such as a community forum where you can ask questions and help other users. However, they do offer several ways to get your questions answered, and they offer creative features for photographers of all skill levels.